Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Health Sciences is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 to increase public understanding of the scientific links between environmental factors and human health.

EHS partners with two organizations, the Science Communication Network and Advancing Green Chemistry, to oversee the Science Communication Fellows program. Every year since 2007, the program hosts 10 outstanding researchers to develop the skills needed to present and communicate the complexities of environmental health to the public.

In partnership with Advancing Green Chemistry, EHS is developing tools and protocols that will help chemists reduce the likelihood that new chemicals they are bringing to market will be hazardous.

From its base in Charlottesville, Virginia, EHS also publishes two websites, Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate. Edited by a team of experienced, award-winning journalists and environmental health experts, EHN and TDC offer original reporting and compile news stories from around the world to give a comprehensive daily look at the vital issues in science, environment and health.

Current News

Environmental Health News
Detroit fleets get makeovers through federal program with an uncertain future. Detroit has reduced diesel emissions by about 45,000 tons over the past five years through engine upgrades and replacements spurred by a federal program in its last year of authorization. Mar 03, 2015
In France, pesticides get in way of natural wines. Growers are going to court to be able to refrain from spraying their vines. Mar 03, 2015
Gulf of Mexico turns deadly for dolphins. A scientific explanation has proved elusive, but evidence is building that the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill has played a role in harming the mammals. Mar 03, 2015
Study says pregnant women in India are gravely underweight. In one of the world’s most perplexing public health issues, Indian mothers tend to be less healthy than their counterparts in poorer countries. Mar 03, 2015
Students devise way to feed homeless meals, cut food waste all at once. "Just because you’re someone who’s been struggling for a while doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get good food." Mar 03, 2015
The Daily Climate
Seeds of war. Manmade global warming helped spark the brutal civil war in Syria by doubling to tripling the odds that a crippling drought in the Fertile Crescent would occur shortly before the fighting broke out, according to a groundbreaking new study. Mar 03, 2015
Researchers: Rising seas threaten rare Everglades plants. Rising sea levels and invasive species increasingly threaten rare plants in Everglades National Park that have not yet recovered from damage caused by orchid collectors long ago or attempts to drain the swamps. Mar 03, 2015
Climate skeptic blasts 'shameless attempt to silence' research. A scientist skeptical of climate change who is at the center of a controversy over his funding from oil and coal interests said Monday he is “saddened and appalled” by the attacks against him. Mar 03, 2015
EU must do more to fight climate change, report says. Europe needs to introduce farther-reaching policies if it wants to achieve its long-term climate target, the EU's most important environmental body said in a report published Tuesday. Mar 03, 2015
How the surfing business could be a wipeout for an iconic California town. The jury is still out on how a changing climate will affect surfing around the world but for California's Monterey Bay, new modeling by the U.S. Geological Survey shows waves getting even bigger, but then falling flat as sea levels rise. Mar 03, 2015