Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Health Sciences is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 to increase public understanding of the scientific links between environmental factors and human health.

EHS partners with two organizations, the Science Communication Network and Advancing Green Chemistry, to oversee the Science Communication Fellows program. Every year since 2007, the program hosts 10 outstanding researchers to develop the skills needed to present and communicate the complexities of environmental health to the public.

In partnership with Advancing Green Chemistry, EHS is developing tools and protocols that will help chemists reduce the likelihood that new chemicals they are bringing to market will be hazardous.

From its base in Charlottesville, Virginia, EHS also publishes two websites, Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate. Edited by a team of experienced, award-winning journalists and environmental health experts, EHN and TDC offer original reporting and compile news stories from around the world to give a comprehensive daily look at the vital issues in science, environment and health.

Current News

Environmental Health News
The ghosts of Bhopal, 30 years after disaster. The night was black as batwings and the winds were growing colder as Nadir Khan clocked out of his job at the Union Carbide factory, strode past the security guard station, then through the front gate and headed for home on Dec. 2, 1984. Nov 22, 2014
Australia's sad legacy of pollution. When the Pasminco lead smelter at Boolaroo, New South Wales closed in 2003 it left behind more than a century’s worth of toxic pollution. The surrounding community and environment continues to suffer from the plant’s legacy. Nov 22, 2014
Food supply: Uncharted waters. Fish farming was initially seen as an environmentally friendly way to produce food using limited resources and agricultural waste. But in the 1980s, it came under pressure for the overuse of antibiotics and environmental issues such as destruction of mangroves and pollution from wastewater. Nov 22, 2014
Is a ban on GM crops more harmful than growing them? In the debate about genetic engineering of food crops, scientists are caught uncomfortably between the potential of a technology that is inherently useful and the reality of an agricultural system dominated by corporations with a track record of environmental vandalism. Nov 22, 2014
Little San Juan County takes on the GMO goliaths. The topic stokes passions. Depending on who’s talking, either GMOs will save the world from climate change and feed humanity or they’ll corrupt the natural order and bring the “Silent Spring” that much sooner. Nov 22, 2014
The Daily Climate
E.P.A. postpones setting standards for biofuel blends. The Environmental Protection Agency quietly announced on Friday that, after much delay, it had been unable to decide this year on a rule setting levels for the amount of biofuel it would require to be blended into conventional vehicle fuels. Nov 22, 2014
California love: Water thieves just can’t get enough. Something rare quickly becomes valuable. So it should come as no surprise that the latest target of thieves in a state suffering a historic drought is water. Nov 22, 2014
US can slash fossil fuel emissions by 85 percent by 2050, new study shows. In America’s low-carbon future, most cars will run on electricity, carbon dioxide will be stored underground, and homes and buildings will be hyper-efficient. This is the vision of a new analysis that maps how the U.S. can drastically curb its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Nov 22, 2014
Toyota hopes to recreate Prius success with hydrogen-powered Mirai. From the driver’s seat of the Toyota Mirai, the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell car could be a plusher and more powerful version of the Prius – if it wasn’t for the H20 button on the dash which releases a trickle of water. Nov 22, 2014
How New England could become Farmville again. Farming in New England was never easy, but in the coming decades it will be difficult in a whole new way. Yet along with all the challenges that lie ahead, farmers in the region are also poised to see a surprising amount of new opportunity. Nov 22, 2014