Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Health Sciences is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 to increase public understanding of the scientific links between environmental factors and human health.

EHS partners with two organizations, the Science Communication Network and Advancing Green Chemistry, to oversee the Science Communication Fellows program. Every year since 2007, the program hosts 10 outstanding researchers to develop the skills needed to present and communicate the complexities of environmental health to the public.

In partnership with Advancing Green Chemistry, EHS is developing tools and protocols that will help chemists reduce the likelihood that new chemicals they are bringing to market will be hazardous.

From its base in Charlottesville, Virginia, EHS also publishes two websites, Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate. Edited by a team of experienced, award-winning journalists and environmental health experts, EHN and TDC offer original reporting and compile news stories from around the world to give a comprehensive daily look at the vital issues in science, environment and health.

Current News

Environmental Health News
Dads' exposure to solvents linked to childhood brain tumours. Brain tumours in children could have as much to do with the father's occupational exposure to solvents as they have to do with the mother's, a new Australian study has found. Aug 01, 2014
Experts question Fukushima thyroid screening. More than three years after the triple core meltdown in Fukushima Prefecture devastated the lives of thousands of residents, the effect that the radiation release is having on children’s thyroid glands still weighs heavily on residents’ minds. Aug 01, 2014
Contamination in Lac-Mégantic may be less than original estimate: Study. Estimates of soil contamination at Lac-Mégantic after last summer’s deadly train derailment may have been exaggerated, according to a new study commissioned by the provincial environment department. Aug 01, 2014
US court rules in favour of Union Carbide. A New York court struck what appeared to be a death blow to a case brought by victims of the 1984 poison gas disaster in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, when it ruled in favour of the defendant, the Union Carbide Corporation, finding that the company could not be sued for ongoing contamination from the chemical plant. Aug 01, 2014
Judge halts exploratory wells near Pinnacles. A judge has issued a preliminary ruling that unlawfully approved an oil-development project near California's Pinnacles National Park that could result in hundreds of wells being drilled in important agricultural and wildlife habitat in the Salinas Valley watershed. Aug 01, 2014
The Daily Climate
Controversy over US carbon controls. The first day of hearings in Pittsburgh on proposed federal carbon controls for coal-burning power plants spawned a march by thousands of coal miners and a rally by hundreds of environmentalists and succeeded in demonstrating that a major change in the nation’s energy policy will not be easy. Aug 01, 2014
California breaks drought record as 58 percent of state hits driest level. More than half of California is now under the most severe level of drought for the first time since the federal government began issuing regular drought reports in the late 1990s, according to new data released Thursday. Aug 01, 2014
UK scientist who gave evidence against fracking site accused of claiming false qualifications. A retired scientist who campaigns against fracking and gives evidence on drilling applications has been told he must stop claiming he is a chartered geologist. Aug 01, 2014
Failure to deal with ethics will make climate engineering ‘unviable.’ Research into ways to engineer the Earth's climate as a last-ditch response to global warming will be rendered "unviable" if the associated ethical issues are not tackled first, a leading environmental philosopher has warned. Aug 01, 2014
Tesla and Panasonic agree to build factory in U.S. Tesla Motors announced on Thursday that it had an agreement with Panasonic to build a large-scale battery plant in the United States. Aug 01, 2014