Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Health Sciences is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 to increase public understanding of the scientific links between environmental factors and human health.

EHS partners with two organizations, the Science Communication Network and Advancing Green Chemistry, to oversee the Science Communication Fellows program. Every year since 2007, the program hosts 10 outstanding researchers to develop the skills needed to present and communicate the complexities of environmental health to the public.

In partnership with Advancing Green Chemistry, EHS is developing tools and protocols that will help chemists reduce the likelihood that new chemicals they are bringing to market will be hazardous.

From its base in Charlottesville, Virginia, EHS also publishes two websites, Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate. Edited by a team of experienced, award-winning journalists and environmental health experts, EHN and TDC offer original reporting and compile news stories from around the world to give a comprehensive daily look at the vital issues in science, environment and health.

Current News

Environmental Health News
Study links mountaintop mining to lung cancer. A new study by researchers at West Virginia University’s Mary Babb Cancer Center strengthens mountaintop coal mining’s link to high cancer rates in nearby communities. Oct 25, 2014
Pro-GM labelling campaign hugely outspent in Colorado and Oregon ballot. Biotech and supermarket giants are spending more than $25m (£15.6m) to defeat ballot initiatives in two western states that would require labelling of foods containing genetically modified organisms. Oct 25, 2014
Australian health authorities reveal cancer spike in area surrounding Wunderlich ‘factory of death’. Health authorities have revealed a spike in deadly mesothelioma rates in the area around an old asbestos factory in Melbourne’s west. Oct 25, 2014
Ecuadorians ask international court to open criminal investigation of Chevron CEO. A group representing some 30,000 Indians and other inhabitants of Ecuador's Amazon region who are affected by oil pollution have requested that the International Criminal Court open a criminal investigation of Chevron Chairman and CEO John Watson. Oct 25, 2014
Diwali leaves denizens of Delhi gasping for breath. Diwali has left the Capital gasping for breath with the city recording nine times higher air pollution level than normal. The Meteorology Department has cautioned that Delhiites will have to fight the increased air pollution level over the weekend too. Oct 25, 2014
The Daily Climate
Wanted: Wind turbine mechanic — must be daredevil, skilled with hands. Wind power is a growing part of the energy mix in the United States. And more wind turbines means there are new jobs for people to install and repair them. The job requires a unique skill set. Oct 25, 2014
How will the EU reach its new climate targets? Early Friday, the 28 nations of the European Union announced they agreed to slash their greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2030. But the path to the emission plan was not an easy one. Each country had its concerns. Oct 25, 2014
Pragmatism on climate change trumps politics at local level across U.S. Many politicians at the national level still steer clear of the politically charged topic of climate change. But in communities across the country where the effects are lapping at the doorsteps of residents, pragmatism often trumps politics, and candidates as well as elected officials across the political spectrum are embracing the issue. Oct 25, 2014
Unsafe groundwater only adds to California drought misery. With surface water supplies decimated from the ongoing drought, more Californians are forced to use groundwater. But groundwater is unsafe for nearly 800,000 residents, according to the state's water resources control board. Oct 25, 2014
E.U. greenhouse gas deal falls short of expectations. The deal reached early Friday by the European Union to cap its greenhouse gas emissions was meant to increase pressure on the rest of the world to achieve a landmark accord on climate protection next year, the bloc’s leaders said. But environmentalists said the agreement amounted to a weak compromise. Oct 25, 2014