Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental Health Sciences is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 to increase public understanding of the scientific links between environmental factors and human health.

We work in three areas – science, media and public education – to close the gap between good science and great policy.

EHS partners with organizations such as the Science Communication Network and Advancing Green Chemistry to help researchers develop the skills needed to present and communicate the complexities of environmental health to the public.

In partnership with Advancing Green Chemistry, EHS is developing tools and protocols that will help chemists reduce the likelihood that new chemicals they are bringing to market will be hazardous.

From its base in Charlottesville, Virginia, EHS also publishes two news websites, Environmental Health News and The Daily Climate. Edited by a team of experienced, award-winning journalists and environmental health experts, EHN and TDC offer original reporting and compile news stories from around the world to give a comprehensive daily look at the vital issues in science, environment and health.

Current News

Environmental Health News
Decision looms for controversial mine in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Michigan officials are weighing the possibility of an open pit mine in the western Upper Peninsula, and Native Americans, residents and environmental groups fear it will pollute water and cultural resources. Jun 27, 2016
BP spill cost fishing industry at least $94.7 million in 2010. The BP oil spill may have cost the Gulf of Mexico's commercial fishing industry between $94.7 million and $1.6 billion from May to December 2010, according to a study released last week by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Jun 27, 2016
How the Caribbean's charred forests end up firing America's barbecues. Lust for charcoal is leading to murders, political unrest and the chopping of prime forests on the most populous island in the Caribbean, and a portion of the bounty winds up used to fuel barbecue grills in the United States. Jun 27, 2016
Minn. companies embrace a 'circular economy' to boost recycling, reduce waste. More than a dozen Minnesota companies have signed on to an effort aimed at taking sustainability to a new level. The companies want to move away from an economic model that relies on precious and limited natural resources. Jun 27, 2016
Herbicide, chemical fertilizer use doubled on Vermont dairy farms in a decade. Agribusiness corporations promised Vermont dairy farmers that GMO corn would allow them to reduce the amount of chemicals needed for ample crop production. But that promise has proved hollow, according to a pro-organic advocacy group. Jun 27, 2016
The Daily Climate
Fading fishermen: A historic industry faces a warming world. After weathering overfishing, pollution, foreign competition and government regulation, America's fishing fleet faces a challenge it can't outrun: Climate change. Jun 27, 2016
Trump Jr. calls BLM drilling regs 'reasonable.' The Bureau of Land Management has taken sensible steps to balance oil and gas leasing with conservation in the West, the son of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said yesterday. Jun 27, 2016
Air pollution seen costing trillions to save millions, IEA says. Air pollution will continue rising in the next decades unless nations around the world invest trillions in cleaner energy and emissions controls, the International Energy Agency said. Jun 27, 2016
Can Walmart's food labels make a dent in America's $29bn food waste problem? The retail giant will now require its suppliers to use a new date label designed to ease safety worries and prevent food from being tossed away too early. Jun 27, 2016
Foes of oil terminal project greatly outnumber friends. A week before adjudication on a proposal to build the nation’s largest oil terminal begins, 18 organizations, from government agencies to tribes and environmental groups to the terminal’s developer, filed briefs with the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council defining their arguments. Jun 27, 2016